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What we offer investors


Amethyst gives you the opportunity to invest as little as $5,000 in residential property that was previously only available to investors with over $150,000 in capital.


Our investors can choose the specific projects they would like to invest in instead of blind pools like other investments. Your able to take control and invest in the projects you want.

Great Returns

Earn great return on investments that are backed by the security of actual property. Receive returns that just are not available through other investment vehicles.

Notice and Disclaimer: Amethyst Decor, LLC (Amethyst) is a Virginia limited liability company that engages in the development or rehabilitation of improved and unimproved property. This website, and the information provided herein, does not constitute a solicitation of investments in equity or interests in Amethyst or any of the properties owned by them now or in the future. For information concerning participation as a lender in any Amethyst's current or future projects, please contact us directly. The properties and information in this website are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a representation or warranty concerning any past, present or future properties.

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